What is TrendifyLive?

TrendifyLive helps businesses, political organizations and individuals measure the effectiveness of their twitter campaigns in real time. In the age of social media, a company/institution can quickly lose its reputation, while the costs of repairing it remain significant.

When people are happy, or unhappy, many turn to social media to tell their stories. By the time one hears of the bad story, it may be too late & very costly. We have seen this with private companies who do not supply their services adequately, but also at times vicious personal attacks on individuals. No matter the circumstances, negative perceptions promulgated through social media can take days or months to correct the perception and results in extra costs for marketing and communications. Stock prices have even dropped in some instances.

Syncrodata Inc. has built an easy to use social media monitoring tool called TrendifyLive, that allows communications and development officers within companies, universities, and organizations to quickly see ranked and relevant insights about their reputation online. For example, TrendifyLive can enable banks and businesses to more easily strategize, track, analyze, and report on their services and insights about customers’ satisfaction. Political parties and governments can use it to assess public opinions on their latest announcements and for on the campaign trail to see what is being said about them in real time.


TrendifyLive can also enable a university to quickly ascertain the social media activities of its influential students and professors, interact on comments by other influencers in their network (ex. academics from other institutions, academic journals, etc.), and still make sure that any negative publicity is caught quickly and resolved.

With TrendifyLive, influential users, content, and hashtags are ranked based on the content they post about any chosen search criteria and the level of engagement that each post gets. TrendifyLive can be used by anyone who wants to know what their image is online and what customers and clients are saying about a business, brand, organization, and more. TrendifyLive also enables clients to see who uses their products and services, what they use them for, and why they use them. Clients can use this information to improve their business, products, and services offered to better meet the needs of customers. It also enables clients to follow their competitors in order to better position themselves and their brand in comparison.

TrendifyLive is all about developing those relationships that are essential to the growth of your business, institutions, organization, and more.

All the data and information is displayed in a user-friendly and easily customized dashboard. The data is compiled into visually appealing and informative charts and graphs that can be shown to owners/CEOs, board members, managers, investors, marketers, and other employees. Multiple connections allow any authorized person to access the information in real-time. This dashboard helps clients to create and monitor online buzz through trending activities in order to drive online traffic. It enables them to create and monitor your trending tags online, as well as invite friends and top product and industry influencers to join and contribute to the discussion. This valuable information will make our clients more informed and assist in making effective business, sales, and marketing decisions.

For example, the insights TrendifyLive provides can be used to develop business and marketing outreach strategies. This could include:

  • More effectively segmenting and targeting current customers and businesses within and beyond their existing target markets
  • Determining who is more likely to buy a product and service and where they are
  • Determining when, where, and how a product/service could effectively be promoted to new and existing customers

We have applied proprietary technology to make TrendifyLive fast and consume less Internet bandwidth. By using less bandwidth, our product is more affordable for individuals, bloggers and small businesses who may not have unlimited high-speed Internet packages. TrendifyLive is also compatible with all major Internet browsers, including those on mobile devices. Since TrendifyLive is Internet-based, upgrading is as easy as hitting the refresh button.

With TrendifyLive, big data can be used quickly and effectively to promote and protect the reputations and brands of companies, organizations, institutions, political parties, and more.

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