TrendifyLive uses Syncrodata’s own S.T.A.R. philosophy, Strategize, Track, Analyze and Report, to give you the best social media analytics solutions.


Plan social media tracking campaigns in order to gain valuable data about your consumers and competitors, industry influencers, and much more. Use this information to determine the best strategies to take.


Choose users, tags, or a combination of the two to track. Tracking happens in real time so you always stay on top of influencers and trends, taking the most advantage of emerging social media opportunities and current events.


The TrendifyLive dashboard uses various engagement metrics to display your results. Analyze and use these results to determine what your best plan of action in your social media and other business and marketing decisions.


The dashboard includes printable reports about your social media data. These reports make it easy to visualize the results of your campaigns as well as to share the results with owners, CEOs, board members, investors, marketers, managers, and other employees.