We are excited to introduce the next version of TrendifyLive, a powerful analytics software that provides municipalities, politicians and businesses real-time insights on their performance rate on Twitter. TrendifyLive, powered by our proprietary machine learning algorithms, analyses and categorizes massive tweets into influencers newly forming communities around topics ranked by their impact and public opinions. As they come in, it allows users to optimize their interactions with consumers as it enables them to better (and more quickly) grasp customer needs and concerns while reacting more responsibly to them.

TrendifyLive is presently reaching out to early adopters in the Ottawa business community to use and provide feedback on TrendifyLive thus enabling us to refine the software and to build a solution that best fits users’ means.

As an early adopter, you will:

  •  Benefit from the opportunity to work closely with TrendifyLive’s developers on customized solutions for your event or your company’s specific needs.
  •  Contribute to the development of the highest quality and most useful product possible through your advice and suggestions.
  •  Lead by example as you help the growth of a local tech start-up.

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