What is TrendifyLive?

TrendifyLive helps businesses, political organizations and individuals measure the effectiveness of their twitter campaigns in real time. In the age of social media, a company/institution can quickly lose its reputation, while the costs of repairing it remain significant.

When people are happy, or unhappy, many turn to social media to tell their stories. By the time one hears of the bad story, it may be too late & very costly. We have seen this with private companies who do not supply their services adequately, but also at times vicious personal attacks on individuals. No matter the circumstances, negative perceptions promulgated through social media can take days or months to correct the perception and results in extra costs for marketing and communications. Stock prices have even dropped in some instances.

Syncrodata Inc. has built an easy to use social media monitoring tool called TrendifyLive, that allows communications and development officers within companies, universities, and organizations to quickly see ranked and relevant insights about their reputation online. For example, TrendifyLive can enable banks and businesses to more easily strategize, track, analyze, and report on their services and insights about customers’ satisfaction. Political parties and governments can use it to assess public opinions on their latest announcements and for on the campaign trail to see what is being said about them in real time.


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