Twitter’s Impact On The 2015 Canadian Federal Election

Data collected: October 10-19, 2015


We wanted to be able to understand how social media was affecting the 2015 federal election and how candidates could use it to their advantage.


Between October 10 to 19, 10 days leading up to the election, TrendifyLive monitored the top 5 political parties.


It was clear that Twitter was one of the most important battle grounds for the candidates during this election. Some of the key findings were:

  • On October 10 Stephen Harper received the most mentions, 28% of the total mentions about the top five political parties. However, with TrendifyLive’s sentiment analysis tool we were able to determine that half of them were negative mentions.
  • Sentiment analysis showed that although Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May received less mentions, the ones they did receive were positive overall and showed a lot of excitement towards them.
  • The Liberals took 52% of the mentions on Thanksgiving and continued their momentum through the end of the election, which likely played a part in them winning the election.

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